• For ongoing support over several years, we would like to offer special thanks to

    Michael HINTZE

    Hintze Family Charitable Foundation

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We would also like to acknowledge the kind support of the following organisations which have made donations to our endowment fund.

AP Benson Ltd
The Ardwick Trust
The Arnold Burton 1998 Charitable Trust
Caverswall Holdings Ltd
The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust
The Coutts Charitable Trust
The De Clermont Charitable Company Ltd
Dunnes Stores
The E H Smith Charitable Trust
The Englefield Charitable Trust
Eyre Holdings Limited
F & C Asset Management plc
Faisaltex Charitable Trust
The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation
The Hospital Saturday Fund
J S F Pollitzer Charitable Trust
The James Weir Foundation
The Loke Wan Tho Memorial Foundation
The Mary Webb Trust
The Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust
The Mountbatten Memorial Trust
The Oppenheimer Charitable Trust
The Paycare Charity Trust
The Pennycress Trust
Peter Storrs Trust
The Rest-Harrow Trust
The Reuben Foundation
Reuben Foundation
The Roger Brooke Charitable Trust
The Saddlers' Company
St. Peter's College, Oxford
Stanford University Centre in Oxford
The Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
Tay Charitable Trust
Thriplow Charitable Trust
The Timpany Charitable Trust
Tomkins plc
The Wilkinson Charitable Foundation
The Wyseliot Charitable Trust