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PropAI believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to redefine the operations of the commercial real estate industry. From how buildings are designed, to how they are built, occupied, managed and traded, AI will become part of the everyday lives of all of us. We are looking to understand how the very latest technologies, with hitherto unseen capabilities, can be utilised to augment human skills and enable the industry to be 10X more efficient, effective and impactful.

Leveraging the exceptional skills of Dr Stringer and the OFTNAI team we are looking to work with industry practitioners who have ‘jobs to be done’ that could be facilitated by AI. PropAI is looking for commercial real estate projects where the application of AI could create a step change in what the industry considers best practice.

The creation of PropAI by Antony Slumbers and Steve Hutton is something close to both their hearts, which is the development of technological based solutions to make the whole property supply chain work more efficiently and effectively.

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Founded in 1987, Novatech are a leading systems integrator and technology consultant. They design, manufacture and support specialist computing platforms for some of the leading names in the aerospace, academia, defence and security industries. Novatech's Deep Learning systems are used in parallel imaging of MRI brain scans and multiprocessor genetics analysis, as well as machine learning and PoC for AI systems. Novatech supports the research of our Oxford laboratory, which has developed the world’s leading spiking network simulator called Spike.

Our simulations would not be possible without implementing them on graphical processing units (GPUs), which are ideal for simulating the spiking neuronal dynamics of the brain. Novatech are now supporting our Oxford team by supplying advanced GPU servers for use in future brain simulation studies. Our Oxford team has developed a research roadmap that may make rudimentary machine consciousness and artificial general intelligence a possibility within the next couple of decades.

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