clemens hutter

Clemens Hutter

Visitor Research Intern

Main research area: Vision


Clemens was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. At a very young age he discovered his affinity towards mathematics and programming. His fascination for intelligent machines lead him to pursue a BSc in Cognitive Science. As an ardent learner he constantly seeks opportunities to employ his knowledge in various ways:

During a research visit at Nottingham Trent University he worked on neural modelling and robotics. Later he was employed as a data engineer in a startup, where he worked on recognising dates in legal documents. Currently he is conducting research on the topic of vision at OFTNAI.

In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, sampling British craft beer and participating in coding competitions.

research summary

Humans can almost instantaneously perceive complicated objects like for example a tree. However we are not just aware of the tree as a whole but also of the parts that make it up: the trunk and the branches, which further consist of subbranches, which contain leaves and so on.

We are able to perceive the details of a leave, while still being aware that it is part of a branch which in turn is part of the tree.

It is still largely unknown how our visual system achieves this hierarchical binding of atomic features (i.e. leave) to the object it is part of (i.e. branch/tree).

In our work we try to come up with computational models of how this ability can self organise in an artificial neural network.

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