gisbert teepe

Gisbert Teepe

Visitor Research Intern

Main research area: Vision


Born and bred as a true Frisian, Gisbert grew up in Göttingen, Germany. As a child he wanted to be a forester because he couldn't think of anything more complex than trees. His focus of interest changed (now it's brains), his passion for complex things did not. He started to study Psychology at the RWTH Aachen University and expanded his studies to Computer Science on the way. In his six months in Oxford he wants to combine these two fields and finish his Master degree in Psychology.

Besides brains Gisbert likes football (Hamburg's finest FC St. Pauli), the theatre (anything but opera) and running (half-)marathons.

research summary

Within his master thesis Gisbert is exploring a theory that could explain how visual features of an object could be connected to that specific object. To solve this problem Gisbert uses visually-guided learning in a spiking neural network.

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