juan gonzalez

Juan Manuel Galeazzi González

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Main research area: Vision

St Cross College


st cross college


Juan Manuel Galeazzi González was born in Mexico and is also an Italian citizen. He recently completed his doctoral degree (DPhil) in the University of Oxford and is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre.

research summary

I am interested in the computational principles that allow our brains to form a representation of our body and the space surrounding it. How our brains process and integrate multisensory information in order to guide and execute motor actions. For example, a number of studies seem to suggest that our brains represent the location of visual objects using a variety of coordinate systems, some of which are centred in the frame of reference of the body or body parts (e.g. eye-centred, head-centred, hand-centred).

During my DPhil, my research focused on producing self-organizing neural network models that provide a theoretical understanding of how neurons might learn to represent the location of visual targets in different frames of reference and how this information could be used to guide motor behaviour.

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