nasir ahmad

Nasir Ahmad

DPhil Student

Main research area: Audition

St Hilda’s College

st hildas college


Nasir was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland, and often takes trips back home to get some fresh air. He grew up very interested in technology and he is an avid coder and technologist. Another of his passions has been research and throughout his undergraduate years he took part in research projects from optical physics to synthetic biology. He always loved to learn new skills and is always attempting to find time to work on side projects such as 3D visualizations, parallel programming, and playing around with proposed models for intelligent systems.

research summary

In his undergraduate years, Nasir attended the University of Dundee to study a BSc in Physics. During his time studying Physics, his interests in biological systems peaked and soon after completion of his BSc he accepted a DPhil position in Interdisciplinary Bioscience at the University of Oxford. Since then he has joined the OFTNAI lab under the supervision of Dr Simon Stringer (Experimental Psychology) and Dr Kerry Walker (Auditory Neuroscience).

He is now pursuing a project in Computational Neuroscience with a focus on potential mechanisms which give rise to the brain’s processing and representation of natural sounds and speech. He primarily applies Spiking Neural Networks for this purpose. He is also an active coder in the lab and set up Spike, our GPU based Spiking Neural Network Simulator.

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