The official journal of the foundation is Network: Computation in Neural Systems. The journal is published by Taylor & Francis. The Editor-in chief is Dr Simon Stringer, who is also Director of Research at OFTNAI. The scope of the journal covers the following topics:

- Neural network computer modelling of all aspects of brain function.
- Analysis of experimentally recorded neural & synaptic dynamics underpinning brain function.
- Neural & synaptic mechanisms and emergent network dynamics underpinning psychiatric and neurological disorders.
- Experimental and theoretical investigations into the neurobiological basis of consciousness.
- Applications of biologically-inspired neural networks in artificial intelligence.
- Neural network approaches to artificial general intelligence and machine consciousness.

The foundation and Taylor & Francis are also responsible for running the Oxford Symposium on Artificial General Intelligence and Machine Consciousness. The proceedings of this annual event are published in Network: Computation in Neural Systems.

Do get in touch with Dr Stringer if you are a researcher interested in submitting to the journal or participating on the journal Editorial Board.

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